Joachim has been traveling around the world. He left Paris on his 25th birthday, came back one year later in 2010. And you're here on his travel blog.
Since he came back, he started writing a book: 360 in 365 »

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360 in 365 – Joachim voyage autour du monde

360 in 365 – Joachim voyage autour du monde

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(Français) 360 in 365 – Le billet de blog qui parle du projet

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360 in 372

This is a long article in english, the translation of this recent post in French : 360 in 372, in which I’m writing about my book project. It’s a new project that brings my round the world travel to conclusion. The travel Three years ago, I started a big adventure that ended a year and a week […]

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Our hero returns.

As you might have learned, I’m in Paris, after more than one year of travelling around the world. Over 80 000 km if you count the plane trips. 372 days and four hours. Being back doesn’t feel too bad. It might be because of the two friends who came to get me at the airport […]

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Seeing Pictures

You might know that my trip ends in a few days. One of the big things during this travel was the making of pictures. Photography if you prefer. Or the collection of pictorial aides to remember, or a visual recreation of reality through photosensitive archiving technology. You’ve got to know something first. When I talk […]

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One year later, in New York City…

So yeah. 365 days today. And I’m currently in New York City. As it’s my birthday I’ve got other things to do than blog!

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New Orleans

A week in New Orleans can go so fast, between Café du Monde beignets, Abita Purple Haze at the Spotted Cat, Po’Boys at Guy’s on Magazine, Satchmo Fest on Frenchmen, grilled oysters at ACME, new friends who host me and with whom I go to the pool or see the latest Steven Soderbergh, and most […]

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On The Roads of South America

I left South America almost one month ago, and I don’t know why, I don’t have many pictures of the last three weeks of my stay there… I finished the South American arm of my trip by travelling North : from Chile to Peru, to Ecuador and Colombia. Then I flew to Texas, which isn’t […]

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Nazca Lines

While I was in Peru, I stopped in Nazca, a little city which lies near a desert famously known for the famous lines that had been traced hundreds of years ago by the civilisations living there. And so I got to do a plane ride to see the lines from above ; as they are […]

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Joachim’s travel lasted 372 days, from sept. 3rd. 2009 to sept. 10th. 2010. This website is in an archival state and won’t be updated again.

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