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360 in 365 – Joachim voyage autour du monde

360 in 365 – Joachim voyage autour du monde

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Tag: Philippines

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Three days in Batad. One day to get there, because there’s no road and no car and no noise no pollution, two nights, a wedding in the village, with people who came from all the valleys around. The morning sun, lighting the steps of the rice terraces one after the other until the village at […]

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Banaue is quite an 8th wonder of the world. For 2000 years, local people sculpted the mountain to make some rice terraces. The bad thing is, it was very cloudy on the day I went there. No visibility. But very nice nonetheless.

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I don’t have much to say about Bontoc. It must be the cheapest room in north Luzon, 150 pesos, 3 dollars. There’s a far-west vibe, some nice people, and very few tourists. There’s not much to see anyway, a museum, some hot springs and some rice terraces. A local guide told me, “you missed the […]

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This post is for my adventurer friends I drank beers with in Sagada, even though I can only link Alec and Solange who just arrived in Japan, like me.. I didn’t know what to do in Sagada. There’s the Museum, it’s nice and the curator is a real character, and there’s the waterfall, but I […]

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I passed through Baguio to take a beer, sleep, wake up and try to catch the bus to Sagada. All the city is built on hills, it was destroyed a few years ago by an earthquake. The Pacific Ring of Fire goes near the Philippines. So yeah, when I tried to find the bus station […]

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A tiny insight on Filipino everyday life. Very tiny insight indeed, but it was quite pleasant to live there for five days.

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I stayed about five or six days in Coron, so I didn’t have much time to go anywhere else. BUt I had fun. Snorkelling, diving, going up the mountain with a friend and some cold San Miguel beers to celebrate the first 6 month of my trip in front of the sunset, and then going […]

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Coron, on Busuanga island, in the Calamian Islands archipelago, northern Palawan. A few thousands inhabitants, some diving centers, and if you look well, a lodge with rooms at 150 pesos (3 US dollars). Coron isn’t known for beaches or crazy nights out : if you want to have fun, you’ve got to know how to […]

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