Joachim has been traveling around the world. He left Paris on his 25th birthday, came back one year later in 2010. And you're here on his travel blog.
Since he came back, he started writing a book: 360 in 365 »

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360 in 365 – Joachim voyage autour du monde

360 in 365 – Joachim voyage autour du monde

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This is a long article in english, the translation of this recent post in French : 360 in 372, in which I’m writing about my book project. It’s a new project that brings my round the world travel to conclusion. The travel Three years ago, I started a big adventure that ended a year and a week […]

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As you might have learned, I’m in Paris, after more than one year of travelling around the world. Over 80 000 km if you count the plane trips. 372 days and four hours. Being back doesn’t feel too bad. It might be because of the two friends who came to get me at the airport […]

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When I looked for ways to finance my travel around the world, I tried to find how to give to my family, friends, colleagues and/or readers a solution to help me. I found a solution while discussing with Antoine : I have to get them to microsponsor my project. Instead of looking for hypothetical “regular” […]

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There’s something I haven’t talked about even if it’s going to have its importance in my trip. When we think about a travel, we think about travel journals. We think about Chatwin or Hemingway, or Delacroix the painter and his Carnets marocains, or Gauguin. Travel journaling is intimely linked with traveling : it’s the way […]

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If there’s one remark I always get from my friends, it’s that one about my cameras. Because, you know, I have the reputation to be the kind of guy who collects lots of cameras… And yes, it’s true. That’s my big brother’s and my big sister’s fault. They had a camera first so I wanted […]

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For this website, I needed a page about, well, me, and what I enjoy doing. After all, it’s a common exercice on the Internet… My name is Joachim, I was born in Bordeaux, France on a 3rd of September. I work in Paris, France as a web & motion designer after studying visual communication, with […]

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